How Can Lucy Help?

Lucy the Lapdog has weight and soothing textures which provide input to your child’s proprioceptive and tactile system. This deep touch pressure input is regulating and soothing. One of the reasons why DTP works is because  it has been shown to increase serotonin in the body. Serotonin is a chemical in the body that helps regulate mood, specifically having a calming effect. Lucy the Lapdog is unique because your child will bond with the character’s own sensory struggles as depicted in the accompanying storybook. The combination of sensory integration with positive emotional attachment will help make your child successful as they navigate their oftentimes overstimulating world.

How much weight is right for my child?

img_2886Every child is different. Lucy weighs just under 4 pounds with the weighted insert and 2 pounds without the insert. Your child’s Occupational Therapist can determine if more weight is needed. Thanks to Lucy’s zippered “belly”, more weight can be added under the advisement of your OT.

Is Lucy the Lapdog washable?

The manufacturer recommends spot cleaning only with a mild soap and water solution.  When that  will not suffice, we suggest the following: Remove the weighted insert, place Lucy in a pillow case, tie the pillow case closed, wash on gentle cycle (no bleach), tumble dry on the low or no heat setting.

Here’s a video of Lucy getting a bath: