A Kid’s Best Friend!

Lucy the Lapdog is a therapeutic tool that can go with children everywhere!

Lucy loves going to school, the grocery store, appointments, and on vacation. After all of that excitement, her favorite thing to do is snuggle at the end of the day or whenever a “chill time” is warranted. When kids read Lucy’s book, they will find humor in her own experiences with anxiety and relate to her sensory issues.

Lucy the lapdog book

Kids experience anxiety for many reasons.

Sensory Processing Disorder: We all process sensory information differently. When children have over-reactive or under-responsive systems, the sounds, sights, smells, touches and movements in everyday life can be challenging.

Lucy the Lapdog’s deep touch input is regulating no matter where your child falls on the sensory spectrum.

Difficulty Sleeping: Weighted input is known to release neurochemicals that enhance sleep. Lucy’s snuggle factor makes her a welcome addition to the nighttime routine.

Grief and Loss: Whether experiencing the loss of a loved one or being placed into foster care, Lucy is a constant companion that gives the comforting feeling of a hug while helping a child through traumatic situations and transitions.

School: For any of the reasons above, a child can be negatively impacted at school.

Lucy can be used as an amazing (and low-maintenance!) class pet or as an individual student’s sensory tool. Occupational therapists and teachers love Lucy for her versatility and ability to assist with classroom and individual behavior management.

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